Ten To Nineteen Years Old

Traditional orthodontics look at aligning the teeth. Orofacial myology digs deeper as to why the teeth became crooked in the first place. Without correcting the underlying muscular dysfunctions, wether it be mouth breathing, tongue thrust, thumb and finger habits or others. Orthodontic relapse is highly possible.



Braces are usually recommended when the alignment of the teeth are off. 
When the alignment of the teeth are off un-natural facial growth and guidance are usually the reasons why. These malformations are typically caused by tongue thrust, thumb or finger sucking, chronic object chewing, pacifier use or tongue tie.

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Crooked Teeth

Teeth form where the jaw forms. If the jaw is being prohibited in proper formation then the teeth will be crooked. 

Muscle moves and supports bone. If you or your child are concerned as to why teeth form crooked, a consultation with an Orofacial Myologist may help answer your questions. 

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Hard To Concentrate At School

ADD / ADHD have been linked to mouth breathing and sleep disordered breathing.

When we breathe through our mouth we are not giving our brain the oxygen it needs to function properly. 

Contacting an Orofacial Myologist may help your child concentrate better in school without the need for medications. 

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Facial Growth & Appearance

We encourage forward facial growth and movement. When we don't get this, the jaws form downward and narrow.

This can create: 

1) A moderate to severe over bite because the lower jaw did not follow the growth of the upper jaw

2) A moderate to severe underbite because the upper jaw did not grown and form with the lower jaw

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When we breathe through our mouths we are bypassing our own bodies filtration system that is held within the nose. 

Breathing through the nose filters germs and toxins. The bacteria consume oxygen and the byproduct of this is Nitric Oxide. 

If you or your child suffer from allergies such as seasonal, dust & dander. Speaking with an Orofacial Myologist may be helpful. 

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