By the time we are adults, the dysfunctions that may have presented themselves when we were younger may have gotten worse. Our bodies learn to compensate for the dysfunctions and we learn to adjust to them.

 It does not mean there is not help for my adult patients It just means that it may take more time to get your body back to where we ideally want it to be. 

Mouth breathing in children is sleep apnea in adults. 

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Sleep Apnea

As I stated above, Sleep apnea is adults usually starts in childhood with mouth breathing and other oral dysfunctional habits that we have picked up along the way. There are two types of sleep apnea. One can be alleviated in 55% of adults The other is neurological. It is important for my clients to have a sleep test done to determine which one there is and have a proper diagnosis prior to starting any orofacial myofunctional therapy treatment. 
If you already have a diagnosis and are wearing a CPAP or any other appliance and are having trouble or just want to explore options for treatment contacting an orofacial myologist to answer your questions may be helpful.

TMJ - Dysfunction

Muscles move and support bone. This is a good reason physical therapists, massage therapists and body workers are around. While our skeleton is important at keeping us upright the muscles are the reasons we move. Without them we are pretty stationary. On the other hand when our muscles don't function like they are suppose to they can effect the joints and how the joints function, This includes the Jaw and Jaw joint. 

If you have TMJ-Dysfunction or Jaw pain speaking to an orofacial myologist may help.  

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Image by Azamat Zhanisov

Orthodontic Relapse

As stated before, muscles move bone. This also includes your teeth! 

Our teeth are crooked for a number of factors but one of them possibly is due to improper growth of the jaws due to mouth breathing. If the muscles are not trained to properly function then they cannot support a new dentition that comes along with braces. 

If you have been in braces once, twice or three times or more and your teeth keep moving then it may be time to seek out an orofacial myologist. 

Headaches , Neck Pain

Headaches and neck pain usually run hand in hand. If you are having chronic issues with either of these conditions reaching out to an orofacial myologist may help.

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Posture concept. Man on white background


Forward head rest or forward shoulder posture is not the normal way we should carry our bodies. Chronic forward resting postures get worse over time and can throw the rest off the body and increase pain. 

Forward head rest posture can be due to mouth breathing. 

Forward shoulder posture could be due to sleep disorderd breathing. 

Contacting an orofacial myologist to answer your questions and seek help may be the right avenue for you. 


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