Birth To Two Years

Cholic / Reflux

Babies who have tongue-tie and lip-tie commonly take in significant amounts of air with an inability to flange out the upper lip and an inability to appropriately cup the breast with the tongue comes a shallower, more bottle-like latch. This allows these babies to take in a significant amount of air. Sometimes, an audible clicking or gulping sound is heard. Parents can often feel or hear air in their child's stomach, and burping doesn't always work to get it out. This air can act as propellant, causing silent reflux, spitting up or even projectile vomiting. The baby can have significant abdominal discomfort as a result. 

Contacting a trained specialist in Orofacial Myology (Myofunctional Therapy) is a great first step in helping to evaluate any oral restrictions and get you sent off in the right direction. 

Troubled Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your newborn. Breast mil contains great antibodies to help build your child's immune system and creates that bond that mother and child deserve. If you hear a notable clicking, notice chapped / blistered lips, baby is chewing on nipple and they appear and feel to be cracked as well as baby is having a hard time gaining weight, then contacting a trained specialist in Orofacial Myology (Myofunctional Therapy) is a great first step in helping to evaluate any oral dysfunctions and get you sent off in the right direction to painless and enjoyable breast feeding.  

Trouble Swallowing (Dysphagia)

Trouble swallowing could a sign that there is an oral restriction to include a posterior tie. Below is a you tube video explaining this process. 

Consulting with a Orofacial Myologist (Myofunctional Therapist) can help you better assess the physical ailments that may be effecting the way baby is getting what he / she needs. 

Appropriate Weight Gain Concerns

Although appropriate weight gain is not always a factor it can play a big role in determining an oral restriction and myofunctional disorder. 

Contacting an Orofacial Myologist (Myofunctional Therapist) can get you and your baby back on track to better and happier feeding. 


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